What is Editorial Portraiture?

The editorial portraiture process helps celebrate your story and the body that got you there. All bodies welcome.

My therapeutic portraiture process lands somewhere between boudoir and Vanity Fair. It's designed to help you celebrate and process a season of life using the camera as a therapeutic medium.

So often we schedule a photo session only if it's "for" something: to document the kids, or the marriage, or the business. Those are all wonderful things, but in the middle of all those relationships, I believe there is a person who is becoming more true.

During this process we will first meet to clarify your goals for the session. During the photography session I then use breathwork, light, posing, and mindfulness techniques to help you see yourself in a new way through imagery. Clients step away from these sessions with an increased sense of clarity and a softer yet more powerful sense of self-respect.

*Please note: I am not a psychologist and this is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy. But it is indulgent and a lot of fun.