I like the real, real.

The messy parts of life.

The ordinary days.

The way things actually are.

But I also like things that capture the feeling of grace and beauty.

And is nothing that embodies this more than photographing a family.

Prior to my work as a photographer, I was an Occupational Therapist working in a clinical setting with both kids and adults. This means there isn't really much your kids can do that's going to surprise me! During your session I will provide prompts to keep your kids engaged so you can freeze the magic that is the messy, beautiful work of being a mother.

Montclair family sits on steps during a fall mini session
Mom and family walk towards the camera during a photo session. Mom's hair is blowing in the breeze.
Family kisses during a photo session in front of a tan studio backdrop.
Two brothers in checkered shirts hug during a Montclair family photo session.
Family of six stands for a posed portrait with their dog.
Family wrestles during candid family portrait.
Father stands on the stairs with his family.
Indoor photo session on film with motion blur.
Two girls chat behind blurred pink flowers during a film photography session