“Look at every photographer you idolize. I bet they have one thing in common. I bet they shoot with film.” I was listening to a talk by Julie Paisley, who IS a photographer I idolize. And from that moment I jumped in.

My first serious film camera was a Canon AE-1. It has a manual focus lens, which I didn’t know how to use, and I was so scared to mess it all up that it took me a year to shoot this roll!

But I did shoot it, and I was hooked.

Many of these pictures are not in focus (again- didn’t know how to use this camera!) but I love them. There is a slowness here which I crave in my creativity. A softness in the color palette. An intentionality in the process.

There is something visceral about film. The process of preparing the camera. The silver bits in the film itself. The slow way you have to pay attention to everything you are doing. The relationship you build with your lab, the rush you feel when you get that roll back.

Film photography guides all my work and how I treat my clients and my craft.